Thursday July 07, 2022 to offer free cloud computing skills development, job training

By News Desk
April 03, 2022 has announced a collaborative effort with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide free cloud computing skills development and job training through the AWS re/Start program in Pakistan, says a press release issued by earlier this week.

AWS re/Start is a 12-week training program that covers fundamental AWS Cloud skills as well as practical career skills, such as interviewing and resume writing, to help individuals prepare for entry-level cloud roles. This program is new to Pakistan, and the first cohort kicked off this month.

Research information from Forbes tells us that advanced cloud and security skills are in higher demand than ever before; however, there is a shortage of qualified and skilled professionals to support the growth and innovation for the industry.

Cloud skills training will be a game changer and will further support industry requirement for cloud talent in Pakistan. Together, and AWS re/Start are helping to build an inclusive, diverse global pipeline of new cloud talent by engaging individuals experiencing unemployment or underemployment who otherwise might not have had access to this career path.

The program helps prepare unemployed and underemployed individuals for new careers in technology through scenario-based exercises, hands-on labs, and coursework, students build Linux, Python, networking, security, and relational database skills. The program also covers the cost for learners to take the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam, validating their cloud skills with an industry-recognized credential.

Ultimately, AWS re/Start helps individuals prepare for roles in operations, site reliability, and infrastructure support. The AWS re/Start program is part of Amazon’s efforts to help 29 million people globally grow their cloud computing skills for free by 2025.

Nur Ali Tejani, Founder and CEO, said, “We are very proud to collaborate with AWS to bring AWS re/Start to Pakistan. was created with the intention to bridge the gap between education and technology in the country, and this collaboration is a huge step in the right direction. We believe that the next generation of tech entrepreneurs are growing up right now, right here in Pakistan, and we want to do our part to inspire their journey.”

Kevin Kelly, Director of Education Programs at AWS, said, “AWS re/Start brings ‘net-new’ talent into the workforce, which may result in a win-win-win scenario for individuals to launch successful careers in cloud, organizations to increase their competitive edge with in-demand talent, and communities to thrive and grow. We are proud to work with to build the diverse, robust cloud workforce of the future enabling organizations to accelerate their innovation with the AWS Cloud.”

Shahid H. Kazi, CEO of, said, “We appreciate the launch of the AWS re/Start program in Pakistan. Cloud computing skills are in high demand as many organizations are shining to using cloud computing.”