Sunday January 16, 2022

7430 arrested in crackdown on beggars

December 05, 2021

LAHORE : At least 7131 cases were registered against professional beggars across the province and 7430 accused were arrested during the last two months.

The Punjab police spokesperson elaborated that operations have been carried out in each region during the last two months. In Lahore region, 4388 cases were registered against beggar mafia and 4644 professional beggars were arrested. 188 cases were registered and 192 beggars were arrested in Sheikhupura region. In Gujranwala region, 203 cases were registered and 207 beggars were arrested. Police registered 279 cases and 284 beggars were arrested in Rawalpindi region. In Sargodha region, 91 cases were registered and 99 professional beggars were arrested while in Faisalabad region, 835 cases were registered against professional beggars and 850 professional beggars were arrested. Similarly, in Multan region 286 cases were registered and 288 beggars were arrested. In Sahiwal region 361 cases were registered while 361 professional beggars were arrested, in DG Khan region, 110 cases were registered and 112 professional beggars were arrested whereas in Bahawalpur region, 390 cases were registered and 392 professional beggars were arrested.