Tuesday October 26, 2021

PPP demands PM’s apology for his remarks about Pashtuns

By  Asim Yasin
October 14, 2021
PPP demands PM’s apology for his remarks about Pashtuns

ISLAMABAD: The PPP said Wednesday that the government has destroyed all institutions and now an institution like the army should not be made controversial.

“The appointment of ISI DG has been made controversial by the selected prime minister. The government has given an opportunity to the media of the enemy country to criticise our forces,” said PPP Information Secretary Faisal Karim Kundi while addressing a press conference along with former MNA Akhunzada Chitan, senator Rubina Khalid, Syed Sibtul Hassan Bukhari, PPP Media Coordinator Nazir Dhoki and Raja Noor Elahi.

Faisal Karim Kundi demanded that the prime minister should apologise for calling the Pakhtun nation terrorist, saying that the PPP condemns Imran Khan’s declaration of the Pashtun nation terrorists.

He demanded Prime Minister Imran Khan to apologise to the nation for declaring Pashtuns terrorists and if he did not apologise then we will move Supreme Court. “I want to tell Imran Khan that the former tribal areas had guarded the borders for 60 years,” he added.

He reiterated the PPP’s offer for unity and said opposition parties should unite and get rid of this ‘selected’ and puppet government by bringing a no-confidence motion in Punjab and the Centre. He asked why the no-confidence motion was ‘halal’ in Balochistan and ‘haraam’ in Punjab and Centre. He said inflation has made life miserable for the people against which the PPP is protesting all over the country. “The government is playing with the future of young doctors,” he added.

Akhunzada Chitan said the Taliban’s statement was about Islam, Jihad and caliphate. “The Taliban never spoke of Pakhtuns or nationalism as the Taliban was based in Kandahar where they fought Pakhtun leaders,” he said.

He said Asfandyar Wali, Mahmood Achakzai, Manzoor Pishteen, Aftab Sherpao have never supported the Taliban. Kundi said the nation was saddened by the demise of Dr Qadeer Khan. To a question, he said the details of the gifts in the treasury should be brought before the nation. He also condemned the police brutality at the press conference of eunuchs.