Thursday October 21, 2021

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September 26, 2021

-- the 11th hour postponement of the New Zealand team's tour of Pakistan is not a cricketing decision, it is a political one and a response that not only furthers our international isolation but deeply damages the psyche of our nation. People say this is called fighting a ‘war by other means’ and you only have to see the names of the countries which have combined to make up the ‘Five Eyes’ global intelligence alliance to realise this.

-- how government officials, including the prime minister all talk about overpopulation and the problems it will bring but have done nothing so far about taking practical steps to promote family planning, with the result that little awareness exists about the gravity of overpopulation in the country. People say a sound population program can make an impact on development and the government should seriously consider taking measures to set up a proper system so that this matter is taken seriously.

-- the news that unregulated commercial activities are increasing in the protected Margala Hills National Park (MHNP) and ruining the ecological system of the area, especially on the KPK side as the hills are a boundary between the capital and Haripur district. People say while the Capital Development Authority and especially the provincial government should be more vigilant and cooperate with increased determination to save this beautiful natural habitat of flora and fauna.

-- how in 1997, some very smart politician came up with the idea of creating a lavish PTDC motel in Birmogh Lasht, Chitral but no tourists came and no one knows why that happened, when the facility was sited to afford great views into the valley below. People say what this drought of visitor’s shows is that the planners had carried out no proper survey and the project only filled the coffers of the corrupt, so NAB should investigate.

-- how the Single National Curriculum and the language policy it enshrines totally ignores the needs and sensitivities of the child and for the sake of ‘uniformity of the mindset’ tries to end diversity, killing critical thinking which results in rote learning and cultural alienation. People say if the medium of instruction were in the children's own language for a few years, it would ensure that they develop a well-adjusted personality and enjoy education for the rest of their lives.

-- the ‘ban’ on the social media platform, Tik Tok and the fact that its content is still available on WhatsApp and others, so users are still forwarding videos. People say if there is no effective method, then what is the use of banning a social media platform if it can be bypassed in many ways, so those who are in charge of prohibiting user content which is considered unsuitable for viewership in the country need to reassess their capabilities.

-- the sealing of a polythene bags manufacturing factory in Hayatabad Industrial Estate, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which is an encouraging step and should be followed by sealing others both here and in other provinces since the use of these polythene bags has caused untold damage to the ecology and civic systems. People say unfortunately banning anything is easy for all the provincial governments but implementing their orders is not a priority which just makes officials look inefficient and non-serious in the eyes of the public. – I.H.