Friday October 22, 2021

National security is empowerment of people: Moeed

September 23, 2021
National security is empowerment of people: Moeed

KARACHI: Prime Minister’s Adviser on National Security Dr Moeed Yusuf on Wednesday said the government was pursuing economic security which ultimately would contribute to national security and people's welfare.Speaking on ‘Pakistan’s Future Direction’ on the invitation of English Speaking Union here, the security adviser said, “Now the case of national security is the economic security and human welfare.” The ultimate goal of the national security was the maximum empowerment of the people, he said.

Dr Moeed said Prime Minister Imran Khan had presented new vision of ‘Riasat-e- Madina’ for the country where average citizen felt secured and one’s welfare was ensured. Pakistan’s national policy had shifted to geo-economic policy from geo-strategic policy, he said, He said, “Now, we are working on a comprehensive national security policy centered on economic security.”

On Afghanistan’s situation, the adviser said the world should remain engaged till a viable political solution was found ensuring representation of the entire Afghan people and to guarantee human rights especially to the women. Stable Afghanistan was a must for the entire region, rather than the entire world, he said, adding otherwise, spell of instability could be expected and the world would definitely suffer.

“We cannot afford instable and burning Afghanistan. Pakistan has no option to disengage,” he remarked, adding that Pakistan had 2600km long border with Afghanistan and there could be mass migration. He hoped, the world would not repeat that big mistake about Afghanistan, it did after 9/11. Pakistan’s utmost effort was to remain engaged and bring other countries into the process for peaceful and stable Afghanistan, he added.

Peaceful and stable Afghanistan would help Pakistan establish connectivity with Central Asia and other neighboring countries, he added. To a question, the adviser said at present Pakistan could establish normal trade with Afghanistan.

He pointed out that Gwadar Port, and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor’s importance would also increase with this enhanced regional connectivity. Second major challenge to the government was to promote real partnership with the world in trade, investment and social sector, he said, adding CPEC would help also to establish connectivity eastwards. But, he regretted, India’s negative attitude and hostility hampered the process.

Dr Moeed said the third major goal before the government was to ensure internal and regional peace. "The last but not least important part of the national security is to build and promote positive perception for Pakistan before the world to increase trade and attract foreign investment, besides engaging the world as partner in the uplift of the social sector," he added.

Earlier, he mentioned, India along with the immediate past government in Afghanistan had been creating negative perception in an attempt to isolate Pakistan, that mainly aimed at weakening our economy. Overall scenario to him was, to move in right direction in the light of Doha accord, Dr Moeed concluded.