Monday October 18, 2021

Crowd catches, beats up fleeing robber in SITE

September 18, 2021

A suspected robber on Friday was severely beaten up by a crowd that caught him while he was trying to flee after wounding a boy during a mugging bid. Police said the incident took place in the SITE area where two suspects on a motorcycle were trying to flee after shooting and injuring a boy during an attempted mugging.

A score of people gathered after the firing and managed to catch one of the fleeing suspects. The crowd badly beat the robber up before handing him over to police. The suspects had shot and injured 16-year-old Asim Buksh over offering resistance during mugging, police said, adding that the crowd caught one of the suspects and his accomplice managed to escape the scene.

The injured boy and robber were shifted to hospital for medical treatment. The incidents of vigilante justice are increasing in Karachi as this was the fourth incident to have occurred in recent days in the city in which a crowd killed or tortured fleeing street criminals.