Tuesday September 28, 2021

PNCA showcases national art exhibition ‘The New Odyssey’

September 02, 2021

Islamabad : The Pakistan National Council of the Arts opened the National Art Exhibition titled 'The New Odyssey’ on its premises here on Wednesday.

Secretary of the National Heritage and Culture Ministry Asif Hyder Shah inaugurated it saying it came as fresh air after a long gap of two years because of COVID-19 pandemic as life was restricted.

He said that this pandemic has greatly affected our lifestyles.

"The artist’s way of thinking is different and they look beyond what we see, their imagination level is more than others. He appreciated the young artists and in his speech he praised and congratulated the efforts done by PNCA and mentioned how the artist plays an important role in shaping the society and how artists and their practices are affected by COVID-19.

DG PNCA Hassan Raza Saeed said on the occasion; this exhibition will provide an opportunity for fresh talented BFA graduates to showcase their works at the esteemed PNCA. This will not only broaden their vision about the art industry but will also help them gain exposure towards the national art scene.

The opening ceremony was attended by an audience of artists, families and special guests from the community.

The organisers said the New Odyssey was an art show by the top graduating students from different art universities across Pakistan. PNCA is dedicated to promote Pakistani Art on Local and National scale. Our elevate and unique programs that present the traditional and contemporary art practices reflect upon the excellence and cultural diversity of Pakistan as well as support professional development of the artist. PNCA is committed to promoting significant aspects of the country and encourages community participation in gallery activities, fostering curatorial practice to artists' own understanding of their work and encouraging a healthy and sustainable local arts industry.

The PNCA has maintained a range of regionally focused visual arts exhibitions featuring both nationally and internationally recognised artists.

Various universities of Pakistan including National College of Arts, Lahore and Rawalpindi campus, Beacon house National University, Punjab University, Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture, University of Sindh Jamshoro, University of Peshawar, University of Baluchistan and University of Karachi are participating.

Through this exhibition, we hope to provide the emerging artists a chance to enter the art market on a regional scale. The show consists of 70 artists and 93 skilled and interesting works by the young graduates. The exhibition is open till 23rd September.