Saturday December 04, 2021

Three years performance report: PM to share government’s success stories today

August 26, 2021

ISLAMABAD: On completion of three years in the office, Prime Minister Imran Khan today (on Thursday) will highlight the key achievements of his government, including marking a journey of a stable economy, and several other development and welfare projects.

The prime minister would launch his government’s three-year performance report that would give an insight into the efforts of each ministry and division that facilitating the common man to achieve the vision of “Naya Pakistan”.

The Report 2018-21, compiled by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, focused on the government’s accomplishments despite the global economic recession in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The 251-page report gave an outline of the achievements of 44 public bodies, including ministries, divisions and departments.

Besides defining the baseline of each sector, it also focused on the key objectives, initiatives, planning, strategies, legislative policy framework and the projects in the pipeline. The content has also been explained through infographics, and relevant facts and figures. After getting into the office in August 2018, the PTI-led government faced numerous inherited various challenges, including financial instability, poverty, inappropriate education system, and inadequate health facilities. However, during PTI’s three years, the struggle to achieve set-goals could be seen despite sustaining the Covid-19 pandemic through the smart lockdown strategy.

Pakistan has recently been ranked by “The Economist” as the third-best performing country for handling the pandemic. Furthermore, administration of nearly 30 million vaccine doses across the country and self-sufficiency in manufacturing of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) are also key achievements for the government. To uplift the live standard of the common man, the PTI-led government had launched projects like Naya Pakistan Housing Programme for affordable accommodation to low-income groups, Ehsaas programme for social security and the Kamyab Jawan Programme for imparting skills to youth helping them get futuristic employment.

Nearly 54 legislations were enacted, including the Code of Civil Procedure (Amendment) Act-2020, Enforcement of Women Property Rights Act-2020, and Legal Aid, and Justice Authority Act-2020, to help poor and vulnerable segments of the society.-