Saturday September 18, 2021

Thousands of EU workers left hospitality jobs in past year

August 05, 2021

LONDON: More than 90,000 EU workers left the UK’s hospitality sector in the last year, amid a huge shift in the industry’s workforce since the pandemic and Brexit, according to a new report.

Jobs site said three out of five hospitality employers are now receiving more applications from UK workers than ever before.

Many people who took on temporary jobs in other sectors during the lockdowns of the past year are now returning to the hospitality industry, said the report.

Vacancies on have grown by 342% since the re-opening of hospitality, with over 28,179 vacancies currently being advertised on the site.

Some areas are likely to be particularly affected by the loss of EU workers, with suggestions that the percentage of EU workers pre pandemic was as high as 75% in London, said the report. Kathy Dyball of said: “It’s encouraging to see more UK workers entering the industry as people see the valuable, long-term employment opportunities hospitality can offer.

“However, talented EU workers remain an essential part of the sector’s success and we join the industry in calling for the Government to urgently make it easier for hospitality talent to return to the UK.

“The staff shortages the sector has been grappling with have only been exacerbated by the recent ‘pingdemic’ and staff being taken out of work at no notice. Yet again this is a case of the sector needing more attention from the Government to be able to trade profitably.

“In the longer term there is work to be done to change perceptions of the industry. Its reputation has suffered due to lockdowns, with job uncertainty added to the list of misconceptions such as low pay and lack of flexibility.”