Tuesday September 21, 2021

KMC, Al-Khidmat launch spray campaign to eradicate flies, mosquitoes

KMC, Al-Khidmat launch spray campaign to eradicate flies, mosquitoes

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) administrator, Laeeq Ahmed, on Monday inaugurated a disinfectant spray campaign in the city to eradicate flies, mosquitoes and other insects that have sprung up after Eidul Azha and monsoon season.

The campaign has been launched with the assistance of Al-Khidmat, the welfare wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami. "The campaign will run regularly in every district with the assistance of Al-Khidmat. A memorandum of understanding [MoU] has also been signed with Al-Khidmat to run the spray campaign in a highly active and effective manner," the KMC administrator said as he spoke to media persons after launching the campaign.

He said that in order to prevent dengue, malaria and other epidemic diseases during the monsoon season, it was necessary to spray effectively throughout the city. He added that the spray campaign would run in all the districts of Karachi.

The KMC and Al-Khidmat would run the campaign jointly and monitor it regularly. Ahmed said the campaign had begun in District South on Monday and it would be gradually rolled out in each district for which the KMC provided trained staff and 35 service vehicles with diesel and spray.

"The whole city is in the grip of the Covid-19 epidemic. The citizens should be very careful to deal with this deadly virus," he cautioned. The administrator said that the fourth wave of coronavirus was taking a dangerous turn. "We have to take precautionary measures to save our own lives as well as the lives of other citizens," he added.

Al-Khidmat Chief Executive Naveed Ali Baig also spoke on the occasion. He said the inauguration of the campaign was an important day for Al-Khidmat, which had signed an MoU with the KMC with the spirit to serve the city.

Al-Khidmat was an organisation that sought fulfillment of the needs of the city, he said, adding that after the monsoon, flies and mosquitoes bred, which led to outbreak of numerous diseases.

Baig said that if civic bodies and civil society worked together, better results would come out. He stated that Al-Khidmat would continue to cooperate with the KMC in various welfare projects.

"The purpose of both the organisations is to serve the city," he remarked, adding that Al-Khidmat was working in seven different sectors of life, including health, education, Kifalat, orphanage, clean water, employment, community services and disaster management.

The MoU was signed by KMC Senior Director Municipal Services and Director Community Services Qazi Syed Sadar-ud-din on behalf of the municipality.

KMC Senior Director Coordination Khalid Khan, Senior Director Municipal Services SM Taha, Director Municipal Services Noman Arshad, Director Municipal Public Health Mujaddid Israni and Al-Khidmat Coordinator Manzar Alam were also present on the occasion.