Sunday September 19, 2021

Traders observe shutter down against loadshedding

August 01, 2021

MANSEHRA: The traders and local residents protested on the second day against the prolonged and unscheduled load shedding as the former observed a complete shutter down on Saturday.

The business centres, shops and markets remained shut the entire day in protest against power outages.

The protesters also blocked Darband-Oghi road to traffic, setting the tyres on fire.

The angry protesters chanted slogans against Pesco, demanding an immediate end to the power outage.

“We would continue our protest until our demands are met and power outages and low voltages issues are settled once and for all,” one of the protesters said.

The protesters dispersed in the evening when the Pesco officials disconnected Karori feeder from the Darband feeder, saying that prolonged and low voltages issues were settled.