Friday September 17, 2021

People asked to avail Clifton’s drive-through vaccination facility

July 26, 2021

KARACHI: Sindh government spokesman Barrister Murtaza Wahab has said that the first drive-through vaccination facility of Karachi has become functional in the Clifton neighbourhood and is vaccinating people against the coronavirus free of charge.

In his video message released after inaugurating the drive-through facility, Wahab appealed to the public to come out in large numbers to avail the free vaccination service of the provincial government to protect their health against the lethally infectious disease.

He said the drive-through facility set up with public-private partnership is just the latest addition to several such vaccination facilities for the public across the province. A private bank has collaborated with the Sindh government to establish the new facility.

Wahab said the new drive-through vaccination centre is ideal for the residents of the Clifton and DHA areas in District South of the city, and they should avail this facility in large numbers.

The first drive-through Covid-19 vaccination facility established in the city helps vaccinate citizens against the viral coronavirus infection without requiring them to step out of their vehicles.

Wahab inspected the drive-through facility and interacted with the people in the queued up vehicles as they waited for their turn to get the coronavirus jab.

He said the new facility is for the general public of Karachi. He added that the vaccination facility provides people the opportunity to get vaccinated without compromising on the compulsory requirement of social distance to protect their health against the lethal disease.

He also said that the vaccination centre has been properly staffed so as to check the vital signs of the occupants of the vehicles queuing up before providing them with the coronavirus jab.

Wahab said that the Moderna, CanSinoBio and Sinopharm vaccines are available at the drive-through facility. He said the public can choose from these vaccines before getting their Covid-19 jab.

The Sindh government has planned to launch the facility of ecotourism at the Hawkesbay and Sandspit beach sites in Karachi, according to the provincial administration’s spokesman.

Wahab said that the Sindh government’s environment department is mulling over launching recreational facilities for prospective tourists at the two beach sites in line with the concept of ecotourism. These recreational facilities can be provided now since the construction of the Hawkesbay-Sandspit road has been completed, he added.He also visited the beach sites to review them as potential sites for launching ecotourism. He said the Sindh Environment Department will work in collaboration with the Pakistan Navy on this project.