Thursday December 02, 2021

Corona vaccination awareness drive

May 31, 2021

LAHORE:The district administration organised a big event as part of its awareness campaign about corona vaccination at Expo Centre here on Sunday.

Showbiz celebrities from across the country also attended the event organised to provide awareness to the public to get vaccinated. The celebrities, including Noted singer and actor Ali Zafar, Wasi Chaudhry, Shakeel Yousaf, Umair Rana, Nadeem Jafari, Nabil Zafar, Kamran Jilani, Irfan Motiwala, Faisal Qureshi, Fakhir Mahmood, Ali Tariq Ansari, Adnan Jilani and Ibraul Haq, participated in the function.

Speaking on the occasion, the Lahore DC said that the aim of the awareness campaign was to get rid of corona epidemic and to put the economy on path to development. In the last few days, 30 per cent people in Lahore had fallen victim to the epidemic, which has been brought under control to three per cent, he claimed, adding a record had been set in the history of Pakistan by vaccinating 44,000 people in a day. The showbiz stars asked the citizens to get vaccinated. Ali Zafar said, “America is the best example for us with regard to the vaccination. We should all get vaccinated as soon as possible.” Faisal Qureshi said that Lahore's system for dealing with corona virus was very good. Other artistes also spoke on the occasion and urged the masses to get vaccinated as soon as possible to defeat the pandemic.