Wednesday October 27, 2021

World No-Tobacco Day today: Smoking major cause of cardiac diseases, lungs cancer

May 31, 2021

LAHORE:Institute of Public Health (IPH) Dean Ptof Dr Zarfishan Tahir has said that smoking and use of tobacco in any form is a serious threat to human health. Smoking is a major cause of cardiac diseases, lungs cancer, tuberculosis and asthma. The people who use tobacco in betel leaf, gutka, etc, are more prone to mouth and throat cancers.

In a statement in connection with World No-Tobacco Day on Monday (today), IPH Dean Dr Zarfishan said that for living a healthy life, people should get rid of smoking and use of tobacco in all forms. She said promoting awareness regarding prevention of diseases amongst the masses was essential to develop a healthy society. She said that people should change their lifestyle and habits to protect themselves from diseases.

Dr Zarfishan Tahir said though the government had banned sale of cigarettes to the youngsters and prohibited smoking in public places, there was a dire need for strict implementation of the laws. She said that smoking was also injurious to economy as people “smoke” huge money every year, especially labour class and low-income people spent their income to satisfy their craving for smoking instead of providing good food to their malnourished children.

She said that increasing trend of smoking and use of tobacco in different forms amongst the younger generation was a matter of serious concern and it was the social responsibility of the whole community to come forward to check the unhealthy activities. Parents should discourage smoking habits, use of tobacco in betel leaf and gutka. “By controlling smoking and tobacco use, we can reduce the burden of cardiac diseases, lungs cancer, asthma and many other diseases as well as minimise the huge budget spending on treatment of the complicated diseases, she added.

Cleanliness: Under Khidmat Apki Dehleez Per Programme initiated by the Punjab government, Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) continued its cleanliness operation on the fourth day here Sunday.

Following the directions from LWMC chairman and CEO, department has made special cleanliness services across the city. In connection with the sanitation week, LWMC lifted more than 26,000 tons of solid waste from the city until now. The Company CEO stated that LWMC was doing its best to make this operation successful and to ensure timely lifting of waste.