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Defence SHO, SIO arrested for taking bribes

By Our Correspondent
February 28, 2021

Two officers of the Karachi police have been arrested after they were found having allegedly received a hefty amount from some foreigners in exchange for their release from the police custody.

Three Nigerian nationals were kidnapped and later recovered from the Gizri area on November 14 last year. As their kidnapping case was registered at the Defence police station, they were handed over to the Defence police, which were supposed to hand them over to the Nigerian embassy.

However, the SHO and SIO of the Defence police allegedly transferred the Nigerian men to a third party said to be a landlord in Kashmore named Dildar after receiving hefty bribes. The whereabouts of the Nigerian men have not been clear since then.

It is also being suspected that the foreigners were involved in illicit businesses and they bribed the cops for not implicating them in FIRs. Three suspects were arrested in connection with the kidnapping of the Nigerian men, who during the interrogation, revealed that the Defence SHO and SIO took a large amount of money from the Nigerians and handed them over to the landlord in Kashmore.

After this revelation, an inquiry committee was formed to investigate the claims made by the arrested men. The committee found both the SHO and SIO guilty and they were later arrested.

Four more suspects were also arrested in connection with the case. Further investigations are under way.