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Badaber children murders Police say over 100 suspects interrogated

November 24, 2020

PESHAWAR: Over 100 suspects were interrogated to find any clue about the murderers of two children in separate incidents in Badaber.

Both the incidents happened in mid-November in Telaband and Balokhel areas of Badaber town on the Kohat Road. People were angry as well as concerned after the killing of children and inhuman torture on the bodies of the victims.

“We have scanned over a thousand houses and took their credentials. Besides, we have apprehended and questioned more than a 100 men and interrogated them. The best technical investigators are working on the cases and the killers will be arrested soon,” Senior Superintendent of Police, Operations, Mansoor Aman told reporters on Monday.

Along with a high-level committee, the police have constituted four specialist teams to probe the case. One of these teams is supposed to gather intelligence, another is tasked with profiling and interviews.

The third one will conduct cellular investigation and interrogation and the fourth one will conduct raids and make arrests in the murder cases. The profiling of people and collection of blood samples and other evidence are taking place.

The villagers of the town were shocked by killings of two children in Telaband and Balokhel areas of Badaber within one week. In Balokhel, seven-year-old girl Aalia was killed by unidentified killers before they threw her body in a graveyard. Her body was set on fire. She had gone missing a day before her murder and everyone in the village was searching for her till midnight.

A few days before the incident, four-year-old child, Tahirullah, was found dead in fields of Telaband in the limits of Badaber Police Station. His abdomen had been cut open but doctors and police officials said no organ was removed from him.

The villagers were scared after the murders of the two children as well as the way their bodies were tortured. The body of the boy was cut with a knife while the girl was burnt. "My daughter cannot be brought back but the culprits must be punished so that no one could commit such brutalities," said Mairaj, father of the slain girl.