Friday November 26, 2021

Alhamra observes dengue day

September 14, 2020

LAHORE:Alhamra Arts Council observed Dengue Day on September 12, during which all the halls, lawns, Alhamra Adbi Bethak, Alhamra Academy of Performing Arts, studios, archives and other areas were cleaned in a very efficient manner.

On the directions of Executive Director Alhamra Saman Rai, the officers and all the staff were made aware of the instructions to prevent dengue mosquitoes. She directed the staff to ensure dengue prevention measures and protect the environment and people around them from dengue.

Speaking on the occasion, Alhamra Executive Director Saman Rai said, “It is our primary responsibility to provide an ideal environment to people coming to Alhamra, for that all the measures are being taken to protect precious lives.” Regarding Dengue Day, Information Officer Samreen Bukhari said Lahore Arts Council is taking all possible steps to prevent the spread of dengue.