Friday December 03, 2021

Punjab fixes flour rate at Rs860 per 20 kg

July 08, 2020

LAHORE: Punjab has announced the interim wheat release policy for the months of July and August, fixing the flour rate at Rs 860 per 20kg.

According to a notification, the Punjab Food Department feels that there is urgent need/demand to start releasing wheat to flour mills in Punjab to ensure uninterrupted supply of flour and stabilize its price.

In exercise of powers conferred under Section 3 of the Punjab Foodstuffs (Control) Act, 1958, the Punjab government while promulgating the Interim Release/Milling Policy (July & August, 2020) decided that districts will have population-based wheat quota which will be uniformly issued amongst approved and functional flour mills of the district subject to maximum 16 hours grinding capicity.

The price of wheat would be Rs 1,475 per 40kg (including cost of Bardana). Flour mills will be bound to sell flour bags at the following maximum ex-mill and retail prices: the ex-mill price of 20kg flour bag will be Rs 837 while that of 10kg flour bag will be Rs 419. The retail price of 20kg flour bag will be 860 while that of 10kg flour bag will be Rs 430.

The functionality of flour mills will be certified by deputy commissioners concerned. Enhancement of roller bodies shall not be allowed during release period. Flour mills getting wheat from the Food Department will also be entitled to grind their private wheat stocks. Flour mills shall observe extraction ratio of 65:22:13 (flour, fine, bran) in respect of public wheat stocks.

The flour mills getting wheat from the Punjab Food Department will be bound to obtain permits from the DFC concerned in respect of their private wheat stocks for out of province movement of wheat products. In case of failure to do so, action may be taken under the Standard Operating Procedures issued by the department, as amended from time to time.