Saturday November 27, 2021

Locusts destroy crops in Karak

June 25, 2020

KARAK: A fresh attack of locusts played havoc with the standing crops, vegetables and fruit orchard in the district as the district agriculture office formed teams to use pesticide sprays against the locusts.

Farmers complained that locusts attacked crops in Jandri, Ahmadkhel, Zebi, Talabkhel, Biland Killa, Lakh Khani, Isak Chountra, Monaka Banda, Ghundi Mir Khankhel, Badinkhel, Tarkikhel, Shano Algada, Ghar Kala and other localities in Karak.

The famers said millions of the locusts played havoc with the standing crops, vegetables and fruit trees in these areas. They added that millions of locusts were flying in the air and destroyed crops. The farmers claimed that in many areas the locals beat the drums to force the locusts to run from the area but they said that it was beyond their control to force millions of locusts to leave the area.

On being contacted, the district officer of agriculture Ghani-ur-Rehman Khattak informed that the agriculture department has formed special teams to kill the locusts by conducting spray. He asked the farmers to inform the teams of agriculture about the places of stay at night of the locusts to make pesticide spray to kill them at the places of their stay.

He added that it was a national cause to destroy the locusts because its survival would definitely bring drought in the country and resolved to make close liaison with the farmers in the complete destruction of the locusts. He resolved that the agriculture department would make every effort to kill them and added that they would extend full cooperation to the farmers.