Friday December 03, 2021

JI leader condemns Kabul blast

May 14, 2020

PESHAWAR: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Provincial president head Senator Mushtaq Ahmad Khan has condemned the brutal suicide attack on a children hospital in Afghan Capital Kabul and the barbaric and inhuman act during the holy month of Ramazan was aimed at sabotaging peace process in Afghanistan.

In a press statement issued here on Wednesday, the JI leader said that certain elements were bent upon destroy peace in Afghanistan. Attacking innocent people, women and children could be an act of wild beasts not humans, he added.

He said that the Indian lobby active in Afghanistan had already destroyed peace in Pakistan and now they have pointed their aim Afghanistan. He said that the inhuman elements didn’t stop to stain their hands with the blood of innocent lives even during the month of Ramazan. He said that the attack was aimed at stopping the progress of Afghan government and political forces towards peace.

He said that the peace process cannot be sabotaged through such meanest acts. The Afghan government, political parties, and neighboring countries should play role for peace in the war-ravaged country, the JI leader added. Mushtaq Ahmad Khan said that the terrorist attack had saddened every Pakistani. “The people of Pakistan are standing behind the people of Afghanistan in this hour of trial,” he said, adding, Pakistan has always supported Afghanistan in every testing time and it would not leave them alone in this difficult situation. He said that conducive environment was necessary for success of peace talks. Effective measures should be taken for durable peace in Afghanistan, he maintained.