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Five persons drown in Chenab

May 07, 2020

MULTAN: Five persons including four members of a family, who went to swim to beat the heath, drowned in the Chenab near Adda Bund Bosan here on Wednesday.

Recue 1122 sources said that three teenagers and two youngsters were swimming in the river at flood band of the river when they drowned suddenly.

After receiving information, water Rescue team, a vehicle and two ambulances were dispatched to the site, sources said, adding that scuba dive, swim underwater using scuba-diving equipment, was conducted to fish the bodies out of the river.

The deceased were identified as Rukiya Mai (18), Shahzadi (16) Muhammad Farooq (18), Fariha (12), and Majid (11), the sources informed and added that Farooq contracted marriage a year ago.

Four of them were siblings while fifth was a relative, they stated. Body of Farooq was fished out after over three-hour operation, the source informed.