Sunday December 04, 2022

PM promises relief to elderly woman

By Our Correspondent
March 19, 2019

ISLAMABAD: Taking prompt notice of an elderly and exceedingly poor woman appealing to the government for help, Prime Minister Imran Khan talked to her and promised immediate relief to her and that she would not be left alone.

The clip of woman, Naseem Bibi, apparently in her 70s, went viral Sunday on social media, invoking compassion and sympathy from all and sundry. The prime minister assured the homeless woman that she would not have to face hardships and that he was saddened to see her video clip on social media.

The Islamabad deputy commissioner tweeted: The prime minister of Pakistan has personally called the lady. She talked to him on video call. Directions have been received. MD Baitul Mal is on site and resolving all the issues Alhamdolillah.

The deputy had replied to a video posted by a Twitter user,showcasing the old woman, appealing to the prime minister to provide her with the basic amenities. She complained that she had been forgotten despite having voted for him.

The video, still available on social media, shows the woman addressing Prime Minister Imran Khan while requesting to him to provide her a house as she had no other option left but to live in the jungle, after her husband passed away.

Due to severe abject poverty, she spends her days and nights under the open sky near a police picket, close to Bhara Kahu. A passerby had made her clip, who approached him while he was waiting for someone.

She urged the authorities to let her stay near Bhara Kahu because her husband is buried in the area. It is reported that she has been shifted to her daughter’s house, after having been provided some amenities by Baitul Mal. Initially, she was adamant on living near the grave of her husband.

Local MNA of the ruling PTI, Ali Awan, also tweeted, who is special assistant to Prime Minister on the Capital Development Authority Affairs, saying he had asked the authorities to trace the old woman, who refused to be shifted to a panagah (shelter).