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PPP activists blast govt policies

By Correspondent
February 10, 2019

LAKKI MARWAT: Criticising the government policies, the speakers at a workers’ convention here on Saturday reiterated that Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) would not support any move to derail democracy in the country.

The convention was organised by the students and youth wings of the party in Lakki city. Former national assembly candidate Inam Inqilabi, PYO provincial president Samee Khan, finance secretary Arif Khan, district chapter president Sajid Kan, PPP district information secretary Haji Sakhi Marjan and Mashal Khan Azad spoke on the occasion.

“Our leaders have rendered great sacrifices for restoration and strengthening of democracy,” said Inam Inqilabi, adding that PPP would not provide the government with opportunity to blame opposition for not serving people during its tenure. He said that the government had failed on all fronts during last five months.