Thursday August 18, 2022

A show of budding artists

By Our Correspondent
April 27, 2018

The Karachi Arts Council was on Thursday evening host to a paintings show celebrating the graduation of five artists from the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture.

Paintings of the five artists, Dania Shah Khan, Shiza Hai, Nimrah Nadeem, Raahima Junaid and Anusha Hassan, 59 in all, adorned the walls of the Ahmed Parvez Art Gallery.

The exhibition, titled “The Human Condition”, dealt with anything that crosses the human mind, from an ecstatic female face, to a dead crow in a garbage heap, and water colours of roads and highways. The works dealt with anything pertaining to the human mind and the human endeavour. There was a black and white work of Anousha Hassan, titled, Ecstasy. However, it looked more like a woman who was in a melancholy mood.

When asked to explain, Anusha said, each human being had differing perceptions of different situations, and what may look melancholy to one may be ecstasy to another. Syed Nasser Hussain Shah, provincial minister for information, labour, and transport, who was the chief guest, congratulated the five graduating artists as also their parents and the teaching faculty.

He said Pakistan had lots of talent which needed to be exploited and said that a new policy in this regard would be announced next month. Earlier, Arts Council President Ahmed Shah said that the Arts Council had decided to sponsor 100 scholarships for talented young people. These young people, he said, would represent Pakistan in international moots and project a soft image of Pakistan.