Friday December 01, 2023

Traffic woes

September 22, 2023

Karachi is grappling with numerous challenges. Chief among them is the flagrant disregard for traffic rules, which poses a significant threat to public safety and exacerbates traffic congestion. Dealing with speeding, reckless driving, running red lights, lane indiscipline, illegal parking, and failure to use indicators is a given when driving in Karachi, reflecting a widespread disregard for the rule of law and a lack of consideration for fellow citizens. The absence of effective enforcement of traffic rules and regulations further exacerbates the problem.

The traffic police are too few and ill-equipped to deal with the sheer magnitude of traffic violations taking place. Their weak presence at key areas such as major intersections is particularly damaging and the penalties given to those few violators who are caught are too light to act as a sufficient deterrent. As a result, Karachi witnesses a significant number of fatal road accidents. Immediate action is required by the law-enforcement institutions to improve traffic conditions in the city.

Nadil Rahim Baksh