Friday September 29, 2023

May 9 rioters fulfilled Indian dream: PM

Shehbaz assures the nation he will not pardon culprits on May 9 mayhem

May 25, 2023
Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif addresses “Azmat-e-Shuhada Convention” on May 24, 2023. — PID
Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif addresses “Azmat-e-Shuhada Convention” on May 24, 2023. — PID

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif, while expressing the resolve to bring those involved in May 9 violence to justice, as chief executive of the country assured the nation on Wednesday that the people behind the incidents would not be given any concessions or pardoned.

“As the prime minister, I assure you that the law will take its course and people behind the incidents would not be given any concession and would not be pardoned as ‘they had crossed the red line’,” the prime minister said while addressing the Azmat-e-Shuhada Convention to pay tributes to martyrs of armed forces, law enforcement agencies and civilians.

The prime minister said the Pakistani nation considers the May 9 incidents as a stain on national deference and will not bear such incidents in future. He further said even India could not achieve its nefarious designs after waging the 1965 war, but the leadership of PTI and its followers inflicted a huge damage on the country. “The nation would not forgive them and these rioters who had realised the dreams of India on May 9.”

The convention was attended by a large number of families of Shuhada, governors, members of parliament, ministers, provincial ministers, ambassadors, legislators, civil society members, Ulema, senior officials and students. Prior to his speech, the prime minister went to the family members of Shuhada and paid tributes to them for their great sacrifice and courage. He assured them that their sacrifices would not go in vain. “Quaid’s Pakistan existed due to the sacrifices of Shuhada, who left behind their orphaned children but saved the coming generations,” he said. Shehbaz Sharif reiterated that the entire nation would not let such ‘barbaric incidents’ happen in future and the national flag would be kept high. “We will not allow anyone to malign our armed forces,” he said.

The prime minister said that as the chief executive of the country, it was his responsibility to ensure legal proceedings under the law and Constitution, against all those rioters and miscreants, who had planned, abetted and executed attacks on different civilian and military installations on May 9. The prime minister said that the incidents of May 9 were intolerable and unpardonable as the monuments and statues of Shuhada of armed forces and law enforcement agencies were vandalised. At the same time, he also assured that no innocent would be framed in these criminal cases. “These miscreants hurt the sentiments of the families of Shuhada and such a heart-wrenching spectacle was never witnessed in the past,” he said.

He recalled that during the tenure of PTI, the entire opposition was pushed to the wall, but they faced all the ordeals with fortitude and never thought to mount any attack on any civilian or military installations. He termed May 9 incidents as highly deplorable and condemnable in the country’s history, saying that on the other hand, the PTI’s chief was arrested in a corruption case, but prior to it, he was inciting his followers to spread violence by attacking different civilian and military installations in case of his arrest. “The whole nation wanted an answer from the PTI’s leadership as to why Quaid’s House, Radio Pakistan and other buildings were ransacked and torched to ashes,” he said. He said the martyrs of the nation, even did not care for their lives thus securing peace for the nation and it was all due to the precious blood they shed for the nation and its future that the business of life goes on. Shehbaz said if there was any trouble inside the country or at the country’s borders including threats of terrorism, the officers and personnel of the armed forces, law enforcement agencies and police force faced them with valour.

He maintained that by holding the Azmat-e-Shuhada Convention, they reaffirmed their resolve that the esteem and affection for the Shuhada would be maintained forever. “These Shuhada do not belong to one party or group, they were respected by the nation,” he said. The prime minister also stressed inculcating the young generations with the ideals of the founder of the nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah including democratic norms, patience and tolerance.

Minister for Planning, Development and Special Initiatives Professor Ahsan Iqbal, in his address, condemned the May 9 attacks. Samar Haroon Bilour, a leader of Awami National Party, Maulana Raghib Naeemi, a renowned religious scholar, Minister for IT Ameen ul Haque, and Minister for Climate Change Sherry Rehman also spoke on the occasion.

Samar Haroon Bilour spoke highly of the sacrifices rendered by Shuhada and the courage shown by their family members. Maulana Naeemi also strongly condemned violent acts, saying that Islam never allows such activities.

Meanwhile, the federal cabinet also approved adopting a zero-tolerance policy for the protesters who ransacked and vandalised military installations on May 9. The federal cabinet meeting, chaired by Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif at the Prime Minister’s House, strongly condemned the May 9 mayhem. Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah and the federal secretary for Interior Affairs briefed the meeting in detail about the May 9 events. The video clips of attacks on military installations were shown in the meeting. The interior minister also responded to various questions asked by the prime minister and federal ministers.

He clarified to the cabinet that no one is being arrested illegally. He said that complete verification is being done of the people involved in violent incidents. All arrests are being made after due course of identification and verification. Sanaullah added Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and cabinet members asked him to adopt a zero-tolerance policy against rioters who destroyed military installations and martyrs’ memorials. The cabinet was also briefed on the Road to Makkah project. The cabinet made other suggestions to provide the inclusion of more cities in the project. The cabinet also ratified the decisions of the ECC.

Meanwhile, the ISPR said on the eve of Yaum-e-Takreem-e-Shuhada-e-Pakistan, CJCSC, Services Chiefs, retired services officers and representatives of civil society pay rich tributes to shuhada of Pakistan who rendered ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty for ensuring integrity, sovereignty and honour of the nation and motherland. “The sacrifices of Shuhada are eternal, will continue to inspire future generations of countrymen and will never be forgotten, irrespective of vicious propaganda by the enemies of Pakistan.

“Today is a day for the entire nation to commemorate and honour each and every Shaheed of the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement Agencies and the Civil Society who laid their lives for upholding the very purpose and ideals Pakistan stands for. “Shuhada-e-Pakistan are our heroes and a great asset, whose ultimate sacrifices can never be allowed to be demeaned or undermined by anyone. Pakistani nation takes pride and solemnly pledges to remain deeply indebted to them and their proud families. Shuhada were, are and will continue to be our pride, come what may.”