Tuesday March 28, 2023

District bar associations in KP get office-bearers

By Bureau report
March 19, 2023

PESHAWAR: The district bar associations in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa elected office-bearers on Saturday.

In the provincial capital, the elections were held peacefully and the counting was continuing late into the night.

Ashfaq Ahmad Khalil was elected president and Iftikhar Hussain was elected general secretary of the Peshawar Bar Association on Saturday.

The election for the Peshawar district bar association was held on Saturday in which Ashfaq Ahmad Khalil defeated Fazal Wahid for the top slot.

Besides, Iftikhar Hussain Samander was elected general secretary while Aftab Aftab Ahmad was elected vice president in the polls for the district bar association.

In Mansehra, Mohammad Rafique Yousuf was elected as president of the district bar association.

The polling for the elections of the district’s top body started at 9am and continued till 2pm without any interval.

Yousuf secured 273 votes while his rival and former president, Waqas Raza Khan, could secure 228 votes. Azhar Sajjad was elected the general secretary of the district bar as he secured 264 votes while his close rival Naeemur Rehman could secure 232 votes.

In Bannu, Malgari Wakilan won a majority of seats in the district bar association elections.

Imran Khan was elected president by obtaining 192 votes, while Sher Aman Khan became general secretary by securing 178 ballots.

Of the other members, Safiullah Jan obtained 183 votes to become vice-president, Amir Khan became joint secretary with 236 ballots and Syed Adnan Hashmi got finance secretary office with 178 votes while Asad Khan was elected librarian unopposed.

A total of 332 members, out of the total 400 bar members, used their ballots to elect the office-bearers.

In Takht Bhai, the elections for the bar associations in Takht Bhai and Bajaur were held on Saturday.

According to the results, Qamar Zaman of Malgari Wakilan and Anwar Shamim Khan of Jamaat-i-Islami were elected president and general secretary, respectively, of the Takht Bhai Bar Association after the Grand Alliance swept the elections.

Qamar Zaman polled 119 votes while Anwar Shamim Khan got 105 votes.

Similarly, Mian Shah Hussain was elected as vice-president, Manzoor Khan as joint secretary, Kahsif Khan as finance secretary and Shah Masood as library secretary.

In Bajaur, Javed Shah and Ihsanul Haq Uthmani were elected president and general secretary in the annual elections held for District Bar Association, Bajaur.

Ikram Durrani was elected as vice-president, Muhammad Noor as joint secretary, Ziaur Rahman as finance secretary, Haya Khan as information secretary and Amanullah as librarian.