Saturday February 04, 2023

People suffer due to fuel shortage

By Bureau report
January 25, 2023

PESHAWAR: Millions of people suffered after a massive power breakdown hit the country besides all the CNG stations were already closed and filling stations too stopped selling petrol.

A large number of filling stations in the provincial capital had stopped the sale of petrol on Monday when the country was already hit with a massive power breakdown.

Stopping the sale of fuel bothered thousands of motorists and bikers throughout the day as the CNG stations were already closed for weeks.

There was a panic-like situation after a large number of people suffered when they were refused petrol supply at various filling stations. One could see motorists and bikers waiting in long queues to get the fuel.

The long queues outside filling stations also resulted in road blockade in many parts of Peshawar. There were a number of rumours in circulation after there was no electricity in most parts of the city since Monday morning and even on Tuesday due to a massive power breakdown.

The misery of the people multiplied as the CNG stations had already been closed since January 1 while the domestic consumers are getting natural gas only three times a day.

Even schools have increased their transport changes after the closure of CNG stations. “I was given a slip of additional transport charges for the month of January by the school administration, saying the CNG stations are closed and petrol costs more,” said a student Umar Aziz.

The shortage of petrol further added to the worries of already irked citizens. After realizing the situation late Monday night, the district administration started raids on the filling stations.

An official said all their assistant commissioners and officers were on the road, checking filling stations that were not selling fuel. The administration arrested managers of six filling stations for causing inconvenience to the public by refusing to sell the gasoline.