Monday January 30, 2023

Transporters increase fares

January 25, 2023

Rawalpindi:The transporters has increased fare without any government notification and are charging Rs40 to Rs50 stop-to-stop and Rs100 to Rs150 for last stop.

In fact, Punjab Transport Authority (PTA) has refused to increase fares. But, government departments neither increasing fares nor taking any kind of action against transporters, looting public both hands.

With jump of POL prices, local transporters have increased fares by over 100 per cent. The local transporters have established their own fare list and charging Rs40 stop-to-stop against Rs15 and charging Rs100 to Rs150 against Rs45 for last distance.

The transporters are taking Rs80 from Raja Bazaar to Humak and Rs100 for Sihala against Rs40, and charging Rs70 against Rs22 from Raja Bazaar to Garibabad. The drivers are charging Rs50 against Rs20 from Saddar to Tench. The transporters are charging Rs150 against Rs60 from Kutchery to Rawat.

Wagon drivers are charging Rs60 against Rs25 from Chur to Mareer Chowk. The wagons of Adiala Road are charging exorbitant fares and taking Rs70 from Katchery to Gorakh Pure. The Wagon No. 1 and Wagon No. 7 are charging fares according to their wish otherwise they are getting off commuters.

Interestingly, authorities concerned are neither taking action against transporters nor stopping them from fleecing commuters. After every hike in POL prices, local transporters unilaterally increased the fares by over 100 per cent despite the fact that the district administration has not notified any increase in this regard.

The District Regional Transport Authority (DRTA) Secretary Rashid Ali told ‘The News’ that we are continuously taking action, impounding vehicles and imposing fines on transporters for over charging. He said that Punjab Transport Authority has not increased fares officially, how transporters can increased fares by own.

Earlier, when one litre of petrol was sold at Rs130 to Rs150 transporters were charging Rs40 for last stop and Rs12 stop-to-stop. Now, when one litre petrol was selling at Rs215, transporters on the routes of Raja Bazaar to Sihala, Raja Bazaar to Garibabad, Saddar to Tench Bhatta, and Raja Bazaar to Golra Sharif were charging Rs50 stop-to-stop.

The most affected community was students who were facing the worst situation due to less pocket money.

The government has abolished all kinds of subsidised ticket facilities for the student community. On the other, a private ride has increased the fare by up to Rs40 per ride. Taxi cabs and rickshaws have also jacked up the fares arbitrarily, charging Rs300 to Rs500 instead of Rs150 to Rs200 for within-city travel.