Thursday December 08, 2022

Mashal Association observes Iqbal Day

November 24, 2022

Islamabad : November, a month to commemorate the achievements, struggles and contributions of the one who, through his poetry and ideological insight stood still in the eyes of the stiffest enemy, Allama Muha­mmad Iqbal.

The school run by Mashal Association at Margalla Town for girls, from under privileged families held an event to pay tribute to our national hero and poet Allama Iqbal and to acknowledge his contributions for the guidance of Muslim Ummah.

Director Education at Mashal, Tallat Azim, said that it would not be fair to call Iqbal a Pakistani poet. His message and vision is for the entire Muslim population of the world. And that his work reflects and is influenced by the passages of the Holy Quran. The program began with ‘Khuddi ka sirr e nihan’.

The students also sang ‘Lab pai aati hai dua’ and ‘Her lehza hai Momin ki nai aan nai shan’ to infuse a new spirit among the audience. Three girls recited the Persian poem called ‘Az khawab e girran khez’. Apart from a couple of speeches on his life and works the finale was the mesmerising ‘Shikwa’ and ‘Jawab e Shikwa’ that are among Iqbal’s best known poems. The programme ended with a note of appreciation by Mashal’s President Fawzia Asim.