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Prince Harry's row with journalist before Megxit: 'kicked the wasps nest'

Prince Harry got in a row with a journalist just months before he and Meghan Markle exited royal family

By Web Desk
October 02, 2022


Prince Harry's rift with royal family was evident when he got into a row with a journalist over a "polite question".

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s shocking announcement came in January 2020 however expert believes that the move was signified when Harry had a brief banter with a journalist in October 2019.

During the Sussexes’ tour of Southern Africa, Harry encouraged a group of young people to “hold on to your dreams” in a talk at the clinic.

Sky News reporter Rhiannon Mills asked Harry an unscheduled question: “That short conversation, what do you hope to achieve through it?"

He replied: “What? Ask them.”

The reporter asked again: “Is that why it's important for you to come and talk to them?"

Prince Harrys row with journalist before Megxit: kicked the wasps nest

"Rhiannon, don't behave like this," Harry said.

Getting featured in the BBC documentary The Princes and the Press, Rhiannon recalled the moment admitting she’s "kicked the wasps nest".

"Most people looked at it and thought, well, hang on, it was a polite question. Why did it blow up?

"But looking back at it now, I had basically kicked the wasps' nest."