Saturday December 10, 2022

When Prince Andrew lashed out at staff over Queen 'umbrella' needs

Prince Andrew once lost his calm after press secretary asked for Queen's umbrella

By Web Desk
October 02, 2022

Prince Andrew 'lack of self confidence' stems from a young age, says Valentine Low in a special column for the Daily Mail.

Writing about the Duke of York's 'lack of confidence', the author quoted an incident where Andrew lashed out on the Queen's press secretary over an umbrella.

As per Mr Low, a senior courtier recalled: "He was not easy as an adviser to deal with. He was very arrogant indeed. That arrogance could have stemmed from a lack of self-confidence. He is not at all bright."

"The fact he lashed out and was very rude to advisers like me was down to a total lack of self-confidence, and [an awareness] that he could always run to his mother and say: 'They are all being nasty to me."

While sharing the umbrella incident, Mr Low began: "On one occasion, that is exactly what he did. Just before an engagement in Richmond Park that involved the Queen and the Duke of York, it started pouring with rain and aides realised no one had remembered to bring an umbrella for the Queen.

"With half an hour to go before her arrival, her press secretary James Roscoe went outside and found a group of Army officers who were there to meet Her Majesty.

"He went up to the most junior, a captain, and said: 'I know this is ridiculous, but do you mind just trying to find an umbrella for the Queen, and ideally someone who can hold it and walk alongside her?'

"At that point, Prince Andrew strode up to them, pointed his finger in Roscoe's face and said: 'Who the f*** are you to ask these men to find you a f***ing umbrella? You go and find your own f***ing umbrella.'

"He strode off, and a somewhat shell-shocked Roscoe said to the officer: 'Look, can you find me an umbrella?' He did.

He continued: "About a week later, Roscoe was talking to the Queen about something else and she said: 'In Richmond, did you ask the Duke of York to fetch you an umbrella?'

"Andrew, it seems, had reflected that swearing at his mother's press secretary was not a good look, and decided to get in his version of events first, just in case Roscoe complained about his behaviour," added Andrew.

"Roscoe told the Queen: 'What do you think, Ma'am? Do you think I asked the Duke of York to fetch an umbrella?' There the matter was laid to rest," shared Mr Low.