Thursday December 01, 2022

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck reportedly struggling to settle in marital life: ‘Mayhem!’

Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck tied the knot in intimate Las Vegas wedding in July 2022

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October 01, 2022

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have been struggling to settle in marital life following their dreamy wedding as the “honeymoon bliss is quickly wearing off.”

The Marry Me actor and the Argo star are finding it difficult to blend their families together while also focusing on their respective demanding careers.

An insider spilled to Radar Online that JLo “was walking on air" before tying the knot with Affleck and now her feet are firmly planted on the ground.

Following their marriage and romantic honeymoons in Europe, the couple is "back to the grind of work and parenting," the source said, adding, "Reality has set in."

The source told the outlet that Affleck recently stormed out after an argument with Lopez, while noting, "Marital bliss? More like marital mayhem!"

"Before the wedding, Jennifer put on an Oscar-worthy performance for Ben, pretending to be the perfect, easygoing wife-to-be," the insider shared.

 Affleck was "blinded by love," but "he didn't realize what he was getting into," the insider further said while revealing that post-honeymoon, things began to change for the lovebirds.

Lopez and Affleck argue over everything including his wardrobe choices, "He's a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy and now Jennifer is trying to tell him what he can and can't wear," the insider dished.

"She absolutely hates Ben's cigarettes," the source explained. "He promised to give it up, but with all her nagging he's smoking more than ever."

Other habits of Affleck that annoy Lopez is the fact that he " doesn't clean up after himself, which irritates the hell out of Jennifer."

The "perfectionist" allegedly lashed out at Affleck during a recent fight, the source revealed, adding, "She's been known to yell at him and point her finger."

"It makes people wonder if she mistakes him for the dog!" the insider said as they went on to share that blending their brood has been the biggest struggle for the newlyweds.

Affleck is father to three kids, Violet, 16, Seraphina, 13, and Samuel, 10, with ex-wife Jennifer Garner, while Lopez shares 14-year-old twins Emme and Max with  ex-husband, Marc Anthony.

While  Emme and Seraphina get along great, "keeping everyone happy at the same time has been near impossible," the source shared.

"She had him fooled for a while, but Ben's realizing Jennifer is as career-driven as she ever was," the pal said.

Though, the insider continued that Affleck has said he is "blown away" by his wife’s work ethic, he was "disappointed" when she opted to stay behind in Europe to work after honeymoon. "It was a huge wake-up call for him."