Tuesday November 29, 2022

Kate Middleton's body language 'screams' near Meghan Markle: report

Meghan Markle’s body language reportedly 'screamed' in the face of Kate Middleton

By Web Desk
September 28, 2022
Kate Middletons body language screams near Meghan Markle: report
Kate Middleton's body language 'screams' near Meghan Markle: report

Kate Middleton’s alleged fear of Meghan Markle reportedly led to ‘complete terror’ during the UK visit.

This claim has been made by royal commentator Neil Sean, on his personal YouTube channel.

He began by citing a source close to Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle who found that new the Princess of Wales “wanted to get away from her.”

He even referenced some icy photographed moments between the two and claimed, “You look at the pictures you do have to say that the body language screams keep away from me.”

Mr Sean later even went on to add that Kate Middleton was shocking “petrified” of Meghan Markle, but “not in the physical sense.”

She was almost always “terrified to say anything to her former close duchess pal Meghan and this is because she simply has no trust.”

Before concluding she also added, “She [Kate] was indeed terrified and wanted Meghan to keep away from her. Simply because she felt that whatever was said, discussed, even an informal chat, could have been leaked out.”