Thursday December 08, 2022

King Charles love child leaks Queen Consort Camilla’s pregnancy photo?

Camilla Queen Consort, and King Charles’ alleged love child offers another round of evidence to prove paternity

By Web Desk
September 25, 2022

File Footage

The ongoing claims being made by King Charles and Camila Queen Consort’s alleged love child have overtaken social media and a new photograph from April 12, 1996, appears to corroborate his claims.

Dorante-Day even addressed the photograph in an interview with 7News.

There, he began by saying, “I think it's very telling that Camilla was out of the social scene for so many months in the lead-up to my birth.”

“And then the first photo of her in so long, she has a slight bump. But this is just another piece in a very big jigsaw puzzle which is coming together for me.”

“As I have always said, there isn't just one clue or one piece of proof. There are a lot of evidence and when it's all put together, it makes for a compelling argument.”

“I want a DNA test and I'm working with the courts to get one. I just want the truth to come out once and for all. This is the first time Camilla was photographed in months.”