Friday June 09, 2023

Prince Harry urged to ‘give back the money’ and ‘pull the plug’ on memoir

Prince Harry urged to ‘pull the plug’ on his incoming memoir following Queen Elizabeth’s demise

By Web Desk
September 22, 2022

Prince Harry has been urged to reject the multi-million dollar deal for his memoir and ‘hand back the money’.

These claims have been made by the royal editor of The Daily Mirror, Russel Myers, and Lorraine.

According to Express UK, he began by saying, “There is a lot of distrust in the family because [Harry] has got his book coming out. How much will that destroy relations that are already pretty fractured?”

“Once the dust has settled - [the Royal Family] are still in a mourning period - I think it is going to be quite interesting for them.”

“We have had this outpouring of emotion towards the Queen and towards the family.”

Ms Lorraine later joined in to admit, “And they have been brought back into the fold, which is good. I think bin the book.”

After all, “You can always give the money back. I do not know how that works.”