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Kelly Osbourne reveals near death experience: 'I almost died'

Kelly Osbourne made shocking revelations during family podcast

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April 26, 2024
Kelly Osbourne reveals why his brother let her live near-death experience
Kelly Osbourne reveals why his brother let her live near-death experience

Kelly Osbourne is blaming her brother Jack Osbourne for what she claims was a terrible or near-death encounter.

The 39-year-old television personality said to Jack, 38, "You shot me...and I almost died," during the recording of The Osbournes Podcast on April 23. The brothers recorded the episode alongside their parents, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne.

Although Sharon, 71, quickly had her kids clarify that Jack was using a pellet pistol, Kelly, who remembered getting shot in the leg, found the encounter to be painful. That Shut Up performer said, "Mum, it went straight through my leg and out the other side."

Jack told his family members, "You can still kill someone with a pellet gun," acknowledging that pellets could be lethal.

Her father Ozzy, 75, then asked if it hurt and Kelly responded, "Dad, it felt like someone putting a hot poker through my leg really fast because it kind of burnt a bit."

Kelly disclosed that the most agonising part of the experience wasn't getting shot with a pellet, but rather the tasks performed by medical staff at an English hospital to clean the wound.

"It was this tiny hospital in the middle of nowhere England in the '90s. Their X-ray machine wasn't working. So, they got this long Q-tip and wrapped it in gauze and dipped it in iodine and poked it through the hole to make sure that there was no bits [of pellet] still [inside my leg]," she recalled as her brother made pained noises.