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Diana would’ve been ‘sympathetic’ towards Harry’s decision to leave

Prince William and Harry's rift would have made Princess Diana feel sad

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August 19, 2022
Diana would’ve been ‘sympathetic’ towards Harry’s decision to leave
Diana would’ve been ‘sympathetic’ towards Harry’s decision to leave

Princess Diana would have ‘been sympathetic’ towards Prince Harry’s decision to leave, a biographer has claimed.

Amidst the ongoing tension between the two brothers, author-biographer James Patterson said that the late princess would have been sad but would’ve respected both sides.

"I think she would've been very sympathetic, totally sympathetic, for what Harry did, but I think she would've understood Will's path as well," he said.

During his conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Patterson said: “I think she would be saddened by the break with the two boys.

“I think that would really make her sad, because they had been so very close as kids, and then... Will obviously deciding [that he] must stay with tradition, and the crown, and the royals, and then Harry making the break."

He continued, "I don't think she looked at the tradition of the royal family and said it's a bad thing. Just the way it operated with her, I think it just didn't fit her at all. It was very difficult. She's a free spirit. That's very, very tough.

Patterson also mentioned that the late Princess of Wales was not ‘terribly judgmental.’