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'Disgruntled' Prince Harry will 'pull no punches' in upcoming memoir

Prince Harry is expected to be 'an abject betrayal of' the Queen

By Web Desk
August 15, 2022
Disgruntled Prince Harry will pull no punches in upcoming memoir
'Disgruntled' Prince Harry will 'pull no punches' in upcoming memoir

Royal expert Daniela Elser explained why she thinks that Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir  'will be pulling no punches'.

In her column for, Elser said that the Duke of Sussex “has quite the axe to grind,” pointing out there are “new clues suggesting his book could be even more of a Buckingham Palace-rattling doozy than previously thought.”

The expert weighed in on Tom Bower’s recent claims that the prince “would settle his scores with his family and friends” in his memoir.

Elser expressed: “If you take Bower and Kay’s claims together, then it is looking increasingly like the seemingly perma-disgruntled Prince will be pulling no punches on the page when it comes to his family and the monarchy.”

She added, “And what that means is that, even if he only writes in the most glowing and affectionate terms about his grandmother herself, his memoir could be an abject betrayal of Her Majesty,” she added.