Sunday October 02, 2022

Jacob Elordi spills beans about financial struggles before landing a role in Euphoria

Jacob Elordi speaks about his financial conditions in new interview

By Web Desk
August 09, 2022

Hollywood actor Jacob Elordi recently shared about his financial struggles after filming first part of The Kissing Booth movie.

The Australian actor got his first break when he played a role in Netflix's adoption of Beth Reekles' 2012 young adult novel The Kissing Booth.

However, the 25-year-old disclosed that he was broke before the release of this Netflix movie.

“I stay on a friend’s couch for a few weeks and sometimes slept in his car,” Jacob told GQ magazine.

 Jacob also revealed to outlet about his financial struggles even after being recognised in KB.

“I wasn’t booking jobs. I think I had… I don’t know, $400 or $800 left in my bank account,” admitted Jacob.

He continued, “Euphoria was my last audition before I went home for a little while to make some money and recuperate.”

In another interview with Access Hollywood, Jacob said that he was “grateful for teen franchise movies” that gave him both name and fame.