Monday August 15, 2022

Meghan Markle ‘on a very slippery slope’ with Netflix: ‘Chickens coming home to roost’

Meghan Markle is reportedly standing on a ‘very slippery slope’ in regards to her contractual obligations to Netflix

By Web Desk
August 06, 2022

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Meghan Markle has come under fire for having had ‘an artificial personality and ‘exploitative’ intentions’ with Netflix.

All of this has been brought forward by Lady Colin Campbell, in her interview with GB News.

She was quoted saying, “I've been reliably informed that the figures that have been quoted were pie in the sky.”

“Netflix and Spotify have not given them anywhere near the amount of money that they would like the world to [believe]…”

“No, I think that she is in some ways on a very slippery slope, shades of Rebekah Vardy.”

Before concluding she admitted, “You know, the chickens come home to roost when you are as artificial as these women are.”