Tuesday November 28, 2023

Gerard Pique won’t let Shakira take kids out of Spain: Report

Shakira and Gegard Pique have handed over their children's custody battle to separate law firms

By Web Desk
July 06, 2022

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Shakira ex partner Gerard Pique has refused the singer to take their kids out of Spain for even a short vacation as they fight over kids' custody. 

Previously, it was reported by Televisión Española's journalist Laura Fa that the sports star won't allow the Waka Waka singer to take their kids, Sasha and Milan, to Miami.

Now an insider spilled to media outlet Informalia as per Spanish publication Marca that Pique will not even allow Shakira to go on a vacation with their children outside of Barcelona.

"Shakira is not going to stop until she manages to move to Miami and take the children with her,” the source said. “That is her main goal.”

“But she can't without Piqué's consent, and he won't give it. Not even for a few days of vacation," the insider added.

The media outlet further added that the footballer fears he might end up like his compatriot Nicolas Vallejo-Nagera Colate, who has to live in Miami in order to stay in touch with his son, whom he shares with ex wife Paulina Rubio.

"Piqué is not going to let Shakira separate him from his children,” the source said. “He doesn't want what happened to Colate to happen to him, who has no choice but to live in Miami if he wants to see and be with his son. He will not allow Shakira to move in with them.”

"Not even temporarily. He knows that later he could have problems to bring them back if she refused. And he wants to avoid that by all means," the source concluded.