Wednesday March 22, 2023

Meghan Markle bullying probe silence shows Palace wants ‘peace at any cost’

A royal expert thinks that the Royal Family may've buried bullying report against Meghan Markle to maintain 'peace'

By Web Desk
July 05, 2022

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Earlier this week, it was reported that the findings of an investigation into bullying claims against Meghan Markle will not be publicly released, and a royal expert thinks that it’s the Royal Family’s way of ensuring ‘peace’ with Meghan and Prince Harry.

Writing for The Daily Mail, royal expert Richard Kay commented that the Palace’s failure to release the report’s findings is probably not so bad for Prince Harry and his ongoing feud with royal family, including his brother Prince William.

Kay said: “The Palace’s internal inquiry into how claims of Meghan’s ‘belittling’ behaviour were handled, which was announced in March last year (albeit with no focus on any specific allegations), will, conveniently, not be made public.”

“This appears to mean that peace with the Sussexes — a peace at any price — is preferable to showing what lessons might have been learned from the whole shabby episode,” he continued.

Kay then went on to quote a Palace aide as saying: “‘Once again, the public will think it’s a case of how can we make this go away rather than actually addressing it.’”

The probe into the bullying claims was launched by Buckingham Palace in March last year, just a day after The Times published claims that a former top royal aide had lodged a formal complaint against the Duchess of Sussex in 2018.

It also alleged that Meghan had driven two royal staffers out of the household and made another one cry.