Sunday August 14, 2022

Prince Harry still angry with royals because of what happened to Diana: psychic

Psychic claimed that the Princess Diana would warn Prince Harry about ‘pointless’ fight against the royals

By Web Desk
July 03, 2022


 A television psychic Deborah Davies claimed that Princess Diana would warn Prince Harry that it’s ‘pointless’ to fight against the Royal Family.

According to Daily Star, the psychic claimed that she recently spoke to the late Princess of Wales about her sons Prince William and Harry.

"Diana says that Harry has a lot of anger towards 'the firm' in general because of what happened to her,” the Real Housewives of Cheshire alum told the outlet.

"She says 'It's a pointless battle though, they will never understand, they will never be sorry for anyone's suffering.'"

Deborah added, “She says that 'The Firm is a machine that keeps on running regardless of anyone's feelings'".

The Unexpected Deaths & Mysteries podcast host previously told the outlet that the Duke of Sussex’s plans to win the public’s heart didn’t work out.

"From Harry's perspective, he thought they'd [Harry and Meghan] have far more of the limelight and suddenly be in favour with the British public,” she explained.

"It didn't work out that way, I see Harry as being angry that they weren't given a more public position in the celebrations,” she added.