Wednesday July 06, 2022

Expert addresses Amber Heard’s ‘prepped answers’ in the stand: ‘She was rehearsed?’

Experts spill the beans on why Amber Heard was ‘rehearsed’ before put on the stand

By Web Desk
May 27, 2022

Experts address the chances that Amber Heard ‘was rehearsed’ by lawyers on the stand.

This observation has been put forward by attorney Rachel Fiset, in his interview with Yahoo Entertainment.

He spoke of the rumour regarding Amber Heard’s ‘rehearsed’ and ‘consistent’ appearance during the testimony and offered some insight.

“I think Heard had a fairly consistent message and did not crumble during a very tough cross-examination,” he explained.

“In her direct, Heard set the stage for how she fell in love with Johnny and then recounted how their relationship devolved into volatility and abuse throughout its course.”

“For the most part, she sounded sincere in her love for him — and distraught as to the decline.”

But “Amber Heard's testimony felt a bit rehearsed but she has a lot to lose in this case and may have simply been more nervous.”

However, Fiset believes Ms Heard “may have [also] downplayed her role in the volatility of the relationship too much” given the actor’s admissions about abuse.

At the end of the day “She looked a bit” like “she focused on her audience — the jury — which could rub the jury the wrong way because it looks a bit contrived and at times she came across as overdoing it.”