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Britney Spears’ attorney lashes out at her father for avoiding deposition

Britney Spears's lawyer calls out her father Jamie Spears for 'harassing and bullying' her

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May 26, 2022

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Britney Spears attorney Mathew Rosengart called out her father Jamie Spears for avoiding his deposition as he also asked him to stop ‘harassing and bullying’ the singer.

Mathew filed a motion on Wednesday to urge Jamie to submit his deposition and said that he would even travel to Louisiana in order to depose Jamie as per The Mirror.

In court documents obtained by Page Six, Mathews states, “Despite his demonstrably false claims that he has ‘nothing to hide’ and would therefore ‘hide nothing,’ James P. Spears has been running and hiding from his deposition and accounting for his misconduct — under oath — as required by law.”

Jamie has been keeping a low profile in Kentwood after Britney broke free of the conservatorship and avoiding the deposition in which he has to answer important question including how much he was paid from the conservatorship.

“Indeed, while representing that he would ‘unconditionally cooperate’ and act with ‘complete transparency without conditions,’ Mr. Spears has engaged in stonewalling and obstruction — for over six months — dodging his deposition and repeatedly failing to respond to simple requests for basic information,” the statement added.

Mathew further mentioned in the docs, “In sum, for self-serving (and, we submit, immoral) reasons, Mr. Spears appears intent on harassing and bullying his daughter, while stonewalling and obfuscating the facts. This must stop.”

“After entering the case, we invited him to voluntarily resign his position as conservator. He refused and the Court suspended him. We now invite him to change the course he is on. We hope he accepts and does what is right, both legally and morally.”

Concluding the motion, the lawyer asked Jamie “do what is right, voluntarily,” adding, “Be decent. Please, stop harassing and bullying your daughter. Please, leave your daughter alone.”