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Doja Cat updates fans about her health post undergoing surgery for infected tonsils

Doja Cat shared that she forgot and proceeded to drink wine and vape all day long

By Web Desk
May 20, 2022

Doja Cat is updating her fans about her health after undergoing surgery for infected tonsils.

“dr. just had to cut into my left tonsil. i had an abscess in it. my whole throat is f–ked so i might have some bad news for yall coming soon,” the Say So singer tweeted Thursday.

Doja, 26, went on to explain that her tonsils were infected before the 2022 Billboard Music Awards last Sunday, so she was supposed to take antibiotics. However, she “forgot” and proceeded to drink wine and vape “all day long.”

“then i started getting a nasty ass growth on my tonsil so they had to do surgery on it today,” she wrote.

The Woman hitmaker then detailed the procedure, writing, “he poked up in dere with a needle twice and then sucked all the juice out and then he took a sharp thing and cut it in two places and squoze all the goop out in dere. i cried and it hurt a lot but im ok.”

When a fan tweeted at Doja to make sure she was not continuing to vape, the Grammy winner responded, “im quitting the vape for a while and hopefully i dont crave it anymore after that.”

She went on to add, “Throwing them away just instills panic. I’m addicted but I’m not weak,” she explained. “I was literally staring at my vape today that normally i’d hit a thousand times a day and hit it two times instead. I’ma try to go cold turkey for now but hopefully my brain doesn’t need it at all by then.”

While she has not had her tonsils removed just yet, Doja tweeted at a fan to share that she is going to “try and get em removed for sure very soon.”

Doja took home four awards at the BBMAs after receiving 14 nominations.