Monday May 16, 2022

Snapchat confirms crying-face-filter inspiration is NOT Amber Heard

Snapchat has clarified their stance, saying the filter developed way before Johnny Depp-Amber Heard’s trial

By Web Desk
May 13, 2022

Snapchat has recently dismissed speculations suggesting that the latest crying  face filter is based on Amber Heard’s sobbing in court during her defamation trial against ex-husband Johnny Depp.

A representative for the multimedia messaging platform spoke to TMZ and clarified that there were “no ties between Amber and the crying face filter’ they have just released to the public.

Considering how sensitive this case is, the messaging app claimed that they would “never play coy with a Domestic Violence case”.

Snapchat also informed the outlet that the feature had been in works for six months, well before the trial began.

For the unversed, this filter, which has gained a whopping 1.3 billion impressions on social media, is a reality lens that superimposes over people’s faces and makes the person appear to be crying in a rather funny manner.

India TV News
India TV News

Since Depp-Heard’s defamation trial has been the hot topic on social media, therefore, when Snapchat introduced crying face filter a few days ago, netizens went berserk and took to Twitter, claiming that the filter was inspired by the Aquaman actress.

@SophOfTheNE wrote, “Snapchat has really out done themselves with the Amber heard filter, sorry crying filter.”

Another @GeorgiaMae tweeted, “Snapchat definitely made the crying filter to mock Amber Heard’s terrible acting.”