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Amber Heard’s pal accuses women supporting Johnny Depp in defamation trial

Amber Heard’s friend Eve Barlow has been a constant support to actress during Depp-Heard’s trial

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May 12, 2022
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Amber Heard’s close friend Eve Barlow has recently slammed women who speak in favour of Johnny Depp, saying, they “hate Heard out of jealousy and low self-esteem”.

Barlow turned to Twitter on Wednesday to reply a question posed by Dr Charlotte Proudman about women hate other women pertained to Depp-Heard’s defamation trial.

“It's easy for women with low self-esteem to hate AH or justify their prejudice towards archetypal feminine strength/beauty by denying their envy of it," wrote the British music journalist.

She continued, “They perceive an afforded power that's truly a myth, and excuse their own inefficiency at being resilient against misogyny.”

Amber Heard’s pal accuses women supporting Johnny Depp in defamation trial

Barlow noted that the Aquaman actress had to fight for her life despite her celebrity status.

“It's much easier to get behind a woman who plays the damsel in distress than it is to empathise with a woman who has had to liberate herself,” she quoted in a separate tweet.

Meanwhile, Heard’s friend also spoke out against a new Tik Tok trend, that ridiculed the actress testimony regarding the alleged assault, on Tuesday.

“Anyone one protecting the TikTok abuse of Amber Heard is acting in bad faith. You cannot argue that it doesn’t have a chilling effect on survivors from coming forward. Anyone actively mocking testimony about abuse is contributing to that silencing. Period,” she tweeted.