Sunday November 27, 2022

UK media coverage dominated by Prince Harry

Prince Harry is fighting UK's Home Department for security

By Web Desk
February 20, 2022
UK media coverage dominated by Prince Harry

UK media coverage these days is dominated by Prince Harry who is seeking a judicial review after the UK Home Office declined his request to pay himself for police protection.

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle moved to California after stepping down from their royal duties.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex  lost their UK taxpayer-paid protection when they quit frontline royal duties in 2020.

Harry  is receiving criticism from the British media and pro-monarchy royal experts for demanding security.

Commenting on the hearing the London's High Court, royal biographer Angela Levin said, "The UK has faults but tries to keep its citizens safe. It is an insult to say it doesn't."

She said, "We can't have one non royal demand personal security 24/7 while 100s of ex military men and women who fought in Afghanistan manage without. Special occasions are different. "

Angela added, "If the non royal Harry wins his case against the Home Office, will he be welcomed by his friends and family and charities who he says he wants to see."

Daily Mail also published a strongly worded editorial against Prince Harry for demanding police protection during his visits to the UK.